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PA Game Commission Selects CREDO Technology Solutions

To Bring PA Mammal Atlas to Life

Earlier this year, the Pennsylvania Game Commission selected CREDO Technology Solutions to help boost their presence and launch a user-friendly, responsive reporting system and website. Now live, the Pennsylvania Mammal Atlas allows a platform for citizens/volunteers to submit mammal photographs and data, providing updated species distribution maps, along with a better understanding of elusive or rare mammals

The Pennsylvania Mammal Atlas is designed to map the current locations of the 64 wild mammal species found in PA and it is the first such project for mammals in PA. “The result of this project will be an approximately 10-year snapshot of PA wild mammal distributions,” according to Lindsey Heffernan, a wildlife biologist for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. “While professional biologists will be traveling around the state conducting in-depth surveys, we simply can’t cover enough ground. Citizen scientists will be crucial in helping us to search the entire Commonwealth.”

Once selected for the project, CREDO, along with their collaborative partner in mobile solutions, Go Green Paperless Initiative, LLC worked with the PA Game Commission to plan and successfully deliver a fully responsive website that is user-friendly, provides real-time information on mammal sightings by county, and allows for ease of updates through content management. Citizens can easily create a profile, receive email updates and submit photos and their locations in PA, giving the Game Commission easy reporting and access to thousands of records that would otherwise go unreported.

Lindsey Heffernan, Wildlife Biologist said “CREDO was very quick to create an design our Atlas website. So quick that I had a hard time keeping up with their need for content, actually! CREDO also kept the PGC in the loop from beginning to end. They able to take a subject that they may have known little about (wildlife) and still create an end-product of exactly what we were looking for!”

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